Eurotax Compare


Eurotax Compare

Compare vehicles nationally and across borders

Monitoring the residual value performance is made easier with Autovista Compare.  It allows you to quickly and easily compare valuation and forecast data for vehicles within your own country, or across Europe, giving you the information you need to make effective business decisions.

  • Benefits

    • Identify competitive vehicles on the market
    • Helps you make strong business decisions on which vehicles to buy and sell
    • Lets you calculate future residual values for new vehicles across Europe
    • Helps you to buy vehicles with high residual value at the end of a contract
    • See how residual values  vary across Europe and adapt fleet accordingly
    • Compare vehicles at a glance
    • Quick and easy to use
    • Always up to date so you can monitor and manage the value of your fleet
  • Features

    • Compare new car prices and specifications internationally (New Car Comparison)
    • Compare used vehicles up to 12 years old (Used Car Comparison)
    • Compare residual value forecasts of new cars (Forecast Car Comparator)
    • National and international modules
    • Comprehensive database of over 100,000 new vehicles, 200,000 used vehicles and over 1.25 million equipment items
    • Data can be shown in tables or graphs
    • Save and export or print your results
    • Create baskets of vehicles and monitor the performance of their residual values
    • Covers both cars and light commercial vehicles
    • See national VAT and tax rates
    • Internet based
    • Covers 15 countries
    • Continuously up-dated