Eurotax Repair Estimate


Eurotax Repair Estimate

Damage calculation made easy

RepairEstimate is an easy-to-use, graphically orientated tool that enables you to calculate even the most complex vehicle damage repair estimates quickly and accurately.  Its look and click format makes it easy and straight-forward to use.

  • Benefits

    • Clear and easy to use with its visual format
    • Intuitive with little need for training
    • Damage group categorisation makes the process straight-forward
    • Quick calculations due to realistic graphics and intelligent navigation
    • Always up-to-date with new models integrated quickly
    • Unrivalled coverage
    • Can be used wherever you are – in and out of the office
    • Easily integrates into existing IT infrastructures and 3rd-party applications
  • Features

    • Graphical orientated damage calculations
    • Explanations of most important technical details
    • Categorises damage into groups
    • Contains parts, prices and labour times of passenger and light commercial vehicles
    • Calculation overview
    • Continuous updates
    • On and off-line versions
    • Can be used on PC or tablet
    • Available in 17 countries across Europe
    • XML-data interface compatible with Microsoft operating systems