Eurotax LDE


Eurotax LDE

Estimation of light damage

LDE Eurotax application was designed specifically for users less familiar with the stages of repair. Through this application intuitive, anyone can quickly estimate costs allocated remedy damage. Eurotax Light Damage Estimator is a Web-Service application GUI provided with a technical solution involving fewer resources and offers a high degree of configuration possibilities.

  • Benefits

    • Delivers results quickly and easily
    • Eurotax LDE generates accurate repair estimates quickly and easily
    • Software is automatically updating online
    • Easy to use without previous training or knowledge of vehicle repair estimates
  • Features

    • Available online
    • No need to install or update
    • Contains spare part prices, labour and paint costs for standard repairs
    • Includes both retouching scratches through to more complex repairs
    • Customised estimates can be created by the user or on request
    • Ability to configure the graphical user interface
    • Data updated monthly
    • Technical assistance available with an annual subscription