Eurotax Egis


Eurotax Egis

The leading resource for repair and service information

Egis is a comprehensive database containing all the repair and service information you need to efficiently manage and run a competitive repair and service business in Europe.  It gives you technical adjustment and maintenance data, labour times with overlap logic and repair instructions for over 340,000 vehicle types.

  • Benefits

    • Easy to use and can be implemented immediately without the need for high levels of training
    • Quicker and easier to manage each car due to having one common set of terminology for all manufacturers
    • Gives you access to all adjustment and repair data available
    • Simplifies the repair and service process
    • Helps you to manage and run a competitive repair and service business efficiently
    • Can be tailor-made to meet the needs of each user
    • Reliable database which is based primarily on information from manufacturers and importers
    • Add new modules at any time to expand your product
  • Features

    • Over 60 manufacturers and 340,000 vehicle types
    • Contains passenger cars, SUVs and LCVs
    • Can be set to national vehicle search trees
    • Purchase modules individually or as a package
      • Labour time calculations with overlap logic
      • Service and maintenance with intervals, labour times, maintenance plans and technical information
      • Technical repair and adjustment
      • Technical repair instructions
    • Available off-line on your PC
    • Egis raw data also available to integrate into existing electronic parts catalogues
    • Web component available for online portals
    • Regularly updated
    • Available in 17 countries and 13 languages