Manufacturers & Importers

Manufacturers & Importers

Having access to accurate and comprehensive data and information is critical to managing your vehicles throughout their lifecyle, from concept through to sale and resale.  Our data is the most complete available in the market by far. Not only do we embed it into our own products, it can be used to support your own internal systems, products and online applications providing you with accurate and reliable information on which to base your business decisions. It can be used to power configurators, quotation systems and web applications among others.

Ensuring a new car has the optimum residual values after launch and during its lifecycle is key for your and your partners’ businesses.   CarToMarket Analysis has been created specifically to help you do this.  It evaluates the key success factors and provides key insights and recommendations on how you can optimise the RV performance of a model before and during its lifecycle.

Our valuation and forecasting products allow you to quickly and easily update valuations, track,   forecast and reforecast RVs across Europe. While our TCO products give you detailed information on a vehicle’s total cost of ownership.  Regularly updated with the latest data, they allow you to create bespoke analyses helping you to make better decisions at every stage of a vehicle’s lifecycle. 

We are launching a comprehensive suite of innovative products, powered by a new and innovative valuation system, which will put more information and insight into yours and your dealers hands.  These new products will give you the most up-to-date and accurate retail asking price for your region.  They give key market information such as what other cars are being advertised for, how long they have been advertised and what price changes have been made.  Helping you make more accurate and informed decisions.  Enabling your dealers to sell more cars quicker with better margins.

Our products

  • Eurotax AutowertOnline

    Online valuations for cars and SUVs

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  • Eurotax Compare

    Compare vehicles nationally and across borders

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  • Eurotax IDD Forecast

    Reliable forecasting data integrated into your own systems

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  • Eurotax IDD Price and Specification Data

    Comprehensive automotive data

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  • Eurotax IDD Valuation

    Accurate valuation data integrated into your own systems

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