We provide you with tools to help you manage every stage of the claims and repair process from valuation and authorisation through to the disposal of total loss vehicles.  We help you to identify and value vehicles quickly and correctly.

With our tools you can ensure your claims costs are more consistent and cost-effective.  Our communications platforms enable you to automatically authorise straight-forward claims so you can process them more quickly and efficiently. This also frees your engineers to be able to spend time only looking at those vehicles where their expertise and knowledge is required.

Our valuation data is based on thousands of auction and retail observations ensuring you have better pricing at the start of a policy and providing you with accurate information to decide whether a vehicle should be repaired or sent for salvage.

Our Insurance products

  • Eurotax AutowertOnline

    Online valuations for cars and SUVs

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  • Eurotax Egis

    The leading resource for repair and service information

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  • Eurotax IDD Price and Specification Data

    Comprehensive automotive data

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  • Eurotax IDD Valuation

    Accurate valuation data integrated into your own systems

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  • Eurotax Repair Estimate

    Damage calculation made easy

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  • Eurotax LDE

    Estimation of light damage

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