Setting the right price for a used car can be the difference between profit and loss, growth and decline.  The price of a similar used car however, can vary quite widely from dealer to dealer – some are overpriced, some under-priced.  The net result is they are either sitting on the forecourt too long, costing you lost revenue (because you could have sold 2 in the time) – or being sold for too low a margin resulting in lost profit. 

This is particularly key at a time when traditional revenue sources, new car sales and after sales, are shrinking both in terms of volumes and margins.

We have launched a new innovative and more accurate valuation system, starting with asking price retail values, that will change the way valuations are done; putting more information and insight into your hands; enabling you to create more professional dealerships based on good retail practices.

Our Dealer products

  • Eurotax AutowertOnline

    Online valuations for cars and SUVs

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  • Eurotax Compare

    Compare vehicles nationally and across borders

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  • Eurotax IDD Valuation

    Accurate valuation data integrated into your own systems

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